A beautiful carpet with antique or modern-day ornaments and patterns, painted in vivid colors and made from plush, comfortable fabrics is always a blessing in disguise inside any home. Not only does such a carpet provide the coziest walking paths, but it is also great for small children who are still in their crawling stage or who enjoy playing on the floor. Exquisite carpets are also excellent décor pieces that can add the missing charm to any room and complete any house or theme. Plus, some carpets date back many years ago – some are century-old – and they are part of an important family heirloom that should be carefully guarded.

Whatever might have convinced you to invest in carpeting for your home or commercial space, you are going to need to take goof care of it. Besides the regular vacuuming, you should also concern yourself with eliminating any stubborn and unsightly stains and nasty odors, while keeping the colors looking fresh and nice.
Our passionate carpet technicians are also big fans of carpets and they can successfully restore any damaged carpet that may need a color repair job. They can achieve this by either using advanced carpet dyeing techniques that cam restore old and faded colors or use various other carpet repair procedures. It all depends on the type of carpet you need help with, the fabrics it is made of, the running or non-running colors it is dyeing with and other similar factors.

We are ready to cater to your every carpet repair and restoration need with free and affordable quotes, friendly customer support team and the most reliable carpet restore services in the area. Give us a call now and let us provide you with the exact help you need, when you need it!

Carpet Color Repair Services We Offer

There is no telling what could potentially damage your beloved carpets or area rugs. Ranging from improper vacuuming techniques that could affect or break the carpet’s fringes to using the wrong cleaners or accidental spills – you could be looking at a damaged carpet in time. Most of the more serious types of damage are difficult, if not impossible to be tackled with using simple home cleaners.

When a fringe becomes too loose and starts disintegrating in front of your eyes, or when your heavy cupboards are casing your carpeting to tear apart, you might be in over your head. Then you will know it is time to call the heavy artillery – professional carpet technicians like the ones at Carpet Recovery Plus. Get in touch with us, describe your exact problem to us and let us advise you as we see most fit. We have a solution for every problem and we guarantee your satisfaction on every job:

  • Rippled carpet repairs
  • Light or heavy staining
  • Edge fraying problems
  • Hole and rip fixing
  • Burned carpet restorations
  • Corner curling fixes
  • Fuzzing issues
  • Color restoration services
  • Color dyeing for modern carpets and area rugs

Expert Carpet Restoration Services

We have trained a special on-site team of carpet restorers who can assess your exact restoration needs and issue the best inspired recommendations in terms of efficient procedures. We could be reweaving your carpet, fix any holes in it, repair any holes caused by moths and other damaging insects, repair any tears and hems tick the carpet, if necessary. We can also offer advanced fringe solutions, including fringe replacement.

Our main focus will fall on accurately restoring your damaged carpets and area rugs and ensuring a longer lifespan for them. We struggle to preserve the natural and original charm in each and every one of the rugs that reaches us.

Stain Removal And Discoloration Solutions

Deep cleaning your home usually means using considerable amounts of bleach and other potentially staining chemicals, including paint. Various prescription medications, insects, chlorine and pet residues could all affect the way your carpeting looks and feels when stepped on. We can provide you with excellent solutions for each of these problems. We specialize in carpet color restoration techniques, as well as carpet dyeing solutions that can either bring back the faded colors in your carpeting or have them look completely different. Keep in mind we are only able to dye a carpet using darker shades and colors. You might want to take this aspect into consideration in case you are thinking about having some color restoration work done.

We also handle old and difficult spot and stain removal that your regular stain removers cannot tackle. We use a detailed step-by-step process that allows us to effectively remove most types of stains and make your carpets look brand new, fresh, clean and bright again. We can even handle stubborn bleach stains that are known for being almost impossible to get rid of using regular over-the-counter or homemade solutions.

Cheap Carpet Restoration Prices

Our aim is to make carpet restoration as affordable and easy for you as possible. This is why we have worked on a system that allows us to charge some of the lowest rates on the market. Let us first provide you with a free quote and we can talk more from there. We guarantee that the Carpet Recovery Plus can and will always restore your carpets’ colors to their original state, thanks to our expert color matching expertise and advanced software.

Whether you need a complete change of color or you need your sun-faded rugs restored, we are here for you. Pick up your phone and give us a call today!