Ideally, you should be deep cleaning your carpets weekly and having expert technicians assist you every 6 to 12 months. Besides the aesthetic factor (we all want to walk on nice-looking and fresh smelling carpeting), you should also concern yourself with the health threats that dirty carpets can trigger with or without your knowledge.

The Underlying Dangers Of Dirty Carpets

Whether at home or at your commercial space, your carpeting continuously collects dust, dirt, bacteria and various allergens. All of these microorganisms and waste residue are responsible for a number of health issues. Ranging from allergies, asthma attacks or skin rashes, these issues are not to be ignored and should be handled with the utmost care. They will continue to affect the quality of the air you breathe until you will take the necessary measures to combat them: have your carpets professionally cleaned every few months and learn how to maintain them as clean as possible on your own.

Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer

Unfortunately, your regular cleaning products are not going to do much for you in terms of thoroughly cleaning and maintaining your carpeting. It is necessary to also invest in professional carpet cleaning services like the ones provided by Carpet Recovery Plus. Our eco-friendly and affordable steam carpet cleaning services ensure the highest levels of cleanliness. We have the right tools, experience and know-how to give your carpeting the deep washing and cleaning they require.

  • Environmentally-friendly steam cleaning services
  • Services for all carpet sizes in all locations, residential or commercial
  • Fringe repair and fringe whitening, as requested by clients
  • Professional carpet color repair and carpet dyeing services
  • Commercial-grade cleaning vacuums and equipment
  • Deep-down extraction procedures for eradicating allergens
  • Truck-mounted carpet cleaners customized for each rug that reaches us
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Pet odor removal services

If you cannot find the exact service you are looking for in our previous list, get in touch with our friendly customer support service and let assist you in any way possible.

Hire Our Friendly And Skilled Carpet Cleaners For All Job Sizes

No matter what kind of carpeting you might need help with, what fabrics it is made of or what size it might have, we are here to restore the faded brightness and lost charm in it. All of our technicians have undergone complex IICRC training, which means their work is always au pair with the highest industry standards. Expect them to use the safest and most advanced modern day cleaning solutions that are fully customizable for each carpet coming their way.

We will talk our cleaning plan through with you and make sure you fully grasp all the procedures we are about to use on your carpets:

Bacteria and dust mite eradication We rely on a powerful hot water steam extraction device that allows us to get deep into the carpet’s fibers and pull out all traces of dust mites, germs and other allergens that might have found a new home there.

Long-term results. We guarantee you are going to enjoy the plush, clean and nice smelling carpets for a long time and steer clear from any dirt and debris.

Eco-friendly, human-safe cleaning products. We rely on the most secure cleaning agents and procedures that will ensure you will enjoy your freshly cleaned carpets without any health-risk for you, your family or employees.

Fast drying. We use expert devices that allow us to extract up to 95% of all the moisture inside a recently washed carpet and completely dry it within two to five hours, on average.

Professional Carpet Repair And Stain Removal Services

The sooner you can address a fresh stain or spill on your carpets, the more likely you are to prevent them from forever covering your beloved rugs. If, for some reason, you have old and stubborn stains you could never clean on your own, we can assist you. We use special stain removal tools and substances that guarantee the removal of the great majority of stains.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services For You

We are not only fast and reliable, but we can get any job done, no mater how small or bing, complex or simple at the smallest prices in the area. We charge no hidden fees and we will always make sure to have all the cleaning procedures and their associated costs clearly explained to you. There should be no reason for concern, as there you will be no hidden fees on your final bill. If, for some reason, you won’t be completely satisfied with our work, we will come back and fix whatever may need a second touchup. We will inform you about the most efficient carpet cleaning solutions that would work best for the particular type of carpeting you own so you will always benefit from the best service.

Call now and have an appointment scheduled or let us immediately send over our nearest carpet cleaning technicians in case of a nasty spill you are having problems tackling with on your own. The sooner we can reach you, the more chances your carpet has to be saved. Call now!